VIDEO: Young boys in different foster homes were surprised to hear they will be adopted together…

There are some children in the foster care system who do not have the good fortune to be put in the same family home as their biological siblings.

Due to the fact that they had spent the previous three and a half years in the custody of Child Protective Services, the brothers Tre and Ke’lynn are all too familiar with this situation. They spent the most of that time living in different foster homes, which was a circumstance that brought them both a tremendous deal of heartache and suffering.

The lads said that they needed space from one another first in order to recover from their ordeal, but they expressed a strong desire to eventually live together.

Ke’lynn told WFAA as he dabbed his eyes with a tissue that he was crying because “I want to see dad every day and I don’t.”

Cynthia Izaguirre, an anchor for WFAA, first met the boys in November 2017, when Ke’Lynn was 7 and Tre had just turned 10.

“You guys are pretty much the only thing that each other still has, right? You do want to be sure that you are with him, don’t you?” Izaguirre questioned Tre, who could only react by nodding as he began to weep in response to the question.

The siblings were aware that they could only count on each other for support. However, since they were out of options, they were forced to agree to visiting privileges only once a month.

It was difficult for Tre and Ke’lynn to remain apart whenever they saw each other since they never wanted to give up their connection.

Izaguirre got a direct response from Tre when he asked the boy whether he could have any desire when he questioned him about it.

“To live with him,” was the response that he gave.

The reporter assuaged his concerns by assuring him, “We’re going to try our very best to make sure that occurs.”

One month later, a good-hearted guy read the article of the boys in Wednesday’s Child and made the decision to help the brothers in a significant manner.

Dr. Robert Beck recalled his reaction after viewing the report: “I was crying mostly because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them.” “I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them,” he said.

Since that time, Tre and Ke’lynn have been living with Beck, but there has been no official arrangement. They were required to wait until the adoption paperwork was prepared before proceeding.

On the 18th of July in 2018, Beck and the lads made their way to a courthouse in North Texas. The siblings had the impression that all they were going to do was shoot photographs, so imagine their surprise when they found out that they were going to be adopted that very same day!

Tre and Ke’lynn had been anticipating this moment for a very long time, and it finally arrived. They will be able to live together at last, which is exactly what they had wished for all along.

Tre announced a few minutes after the court made the adoption official that he and his family had been adopted. “We were adopted today, and I feel happy,” Tre remarked.

After suffering through seven months of heartache caused by their separation, the two brothers were eventually reunited. They will grow up together with a father who loves them, an older brother, and a community of people who look out for them.

Both Tre and Ke’lynn are really lucky to have found a lovely dad to adopt them and raise them as his own children.

It is a really meaningful thing for me to be able to offer them a home that they will have forever and to know that they will always belong to me, Beck added. “I’m in love with them. “With the very best of my love.”

Tre responded with a broad grin and the words “I go home” when he was asked what would happen next.

The oldest brother of the children was also a member of the Wednesday’s Child program, and Beck took him in after reading a report on him. Three of the children that appeared on Wednesday’s Child have been taken in by Beck. Being adopted himself, he said that the desire to do the same for orphaned children and offer them the same love and acceptance that he was blessed with had always been in his heart.

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