WATCH: Behar Has Brutal Moment On “The View,” Faceplants After Missing Her Chair

It was another bad moment on ABC’s “The View” for co-host Joy Behar, one of the most far-left women on the show which is composed of far-left women, when she missed her chair and took a dramatic tumble, face-planting right next to her seat.

Commenting on the incident Thursday, Behar asked her fellow co-hosts, “Remember when I fell on stage here? My tush missed the seat.” Whoopi Goldberg, responding to Behar’s comment, said that the incident scared everyone there, telling the audience, “It scared us so badly. You didn’t see what we saw.”

Continuing, Whoopi added that it was “scary” seeing Behar miss the chair and sprawl on the floor, saying “We saw you trying to figure out how not to fall onto the floor, and that was scary because you don’t know whether to catch you and annoy you ’cause we’re touching you.”

Behar joked that her experience was like being on a roller coaster at an amusement park because of how everything was swirling around when she fell, telling her fellow co-hosts, “The chairs were moving. It was like a ride on Coney Island. It was swirling.”

Joy Behar, flustered but joking at the time she fell down on stage, which was in March of 2023, said as she sprawled on the floor, “[After] 25 years that has never happened! Who do I sue? I went flying … I just missed a step, as usual.”

“The View” has since rolled out new, safer chairs for the co-hosts. The chairs are stationary and have four tall legs, a square seat, and an adjoining back. So hopefully it’ll be harder for one of them to take a tumble like Behar. She, commenting on the chairs Thursday, said, “That’s why we have these chairs. These are new chairs.”

But Whoopi is too large for the chairs and so isn’t a fan of them. Joking to Behar about them, she said, “They’re not new to my behind, because my behind doesn’t fit in this chair as I’ve mentioned many times. The other one, my butt fit on, but it was not good for you. So we give what we can.”

Much as Whoopi, Behar, and the others might try to portray themselves as pleasant, if somewhat left-leaning grandmas, they’re radicals with a goal to send a message. Speaking about them, rapper Ice Cube told Tucker that he wasn’t allowed on the show because of his politics.

“You know, I tried to go on, I tried to go on The View. They didn’t have me on The View,” he said. “Well, a few of the guests just really didn’t like, where I was coming from….a few of the hosts, I mean, so that’s what I was told by the producers,” he added.

Continuing, he also said, “You know, I don’t know if the producers just copping out and using some of their hosts to not have me come on and explain myself, but…I’ve been on there before. You know, it’s just when I’ve became an independent thinker. When I’ve, you know, I’m not, you know, I don’t, I don’t follow their, their brand of politics, I guess.”

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