WATCH: Gutfeld Shreds Megan Rapinoe For “Throwing Girls Under The Bus For Enhanced Status”

Greg Gutfeld just skewered former US Women’s Soccer player and constant woke voice of nonsense, Megan Rapinoe, for her post-athletic career stance on women’s sports, arguing that she is throwing women under the bus in the hope of accolades from her friends on the woke left.

Beginning, Gutfeld jokes that Rapinoe’s wokeness is a “gold mine” for conservative media and then turned to bashing her for her stance on transgender athletes in women’s sports after she left women’s sports, saying, “We’re mining for whining and this gold rush is currently being led by Megan Rapinoe, mostly famous for damaging brands she endorses and much less for playing women’s soccer, and she’s now happily endorsed biological men playing women’s sports. Of course, now that she no longer plays, and to her, it’s the men who are the victims, not the girls they beat or replace.”

Continuing, Gutfled argued that, despite Rapinoe’s protestations that women’s sports are not deleteriously affected by trans participation in them, arguing that trans individuals are taking over women’s sports and crowding out women athletes, saying, “Trans are clobbering women in sports, literally. It’s not our fault if you can’t read or operate a smartphone, but she’s right in one respect. No one cares about women’s sports as much as we care about fairness or line cutting, which is what men who say they’re women are doing. The line to the winner’s circle is always shorter if you’re a dude playing women’s sports.”

He added that even Martina Navratilova, herself no conservative, slammed Rapinoe’s comments, saying, “Tennis legend Martina Navratilova, backhanded Rapinoe’s hysterics with a single word, “Yikes….” She’s an eloquent woman, and again, a reminder, she once called me an “asswhipe.” So, you know, she’s smart. Call me Martina.”

Ending, Gutfled exposed what he thinks Rapinoe’s motives are and how she’s trying to get there, saying, “She wants to be the next MLK or Gandhi or Gutfeld, but don’t fall for it, she’s just throwing girls under the bus for enhanced status.”

The US Women’s National Team recently announced Rapinoe’s retirement and commended her for the woke talking points she pushed during her career and her outspoken gayness, saying, “Megan Rapinoe, one of the most iconic soccer players and personalities in the history of the game, has announced that she will retire from professional soccer following the conclusion of the 2023 National Women’s Soccer League season. Known for her amazing talents on the field, her creative goal scoring, her clutch performances in some of the biggest matches of her career, as well as for her deep caring and support for a myriad of social issues including LGBTQ+ rights, racial inequality, voter rights, and gender and pay equity, she leaves the game as one of the most impactful figures in the history of soccer in the United States and in the global women’s game.”

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