WATCH: Megan Rapinoe Ripped For Laughing After Terrible Miss, Brutal Defeat

During the Sunday Women’s World Cup Matchup, the US Women’s team lost to Sweden, in no small part because woke Megan Rapinoe sent a kick way over the goal and Sweden was then able to turn the 4-4 tie into a 5-4 win.

Predictably, Megan took a tough series of jabs on Twitter, as many conservatives and soccer fans are still furious with Megan over her anti-American attitude and “equal pay,” both of which led to fights within and outside of soccer that distracted from the game. So, people tore into Megan, saying things like:

“megan rapinoe smiling and laughing after missing a PK? sophia smith having the worst game performance and overall world cup performance that ive ever seen and missing a game winning PK? the #USWNT still values prettiness and ego over play & performance. what a joke.”

“I’m generally a Megan Rapinoe fan, but laughing after a missed penalty is not a good look. #USWNT“
“Team USA’s loss was delivered by anti-America, anti-woman activist Megan Rapinoe’s EMBARRASSING free kick here“
“Look at her smiling and laughing after losing. Megan Rapinoe @mPinoe is a spoiled brat that hates America“
Watch Megan’s brutal miss here, and notice Megan’s laughing after her terrible, not even very close miss:

“Laughing after missing a PK that effectively eliminated your country from the World Cup is certainly a choice Is Megan Rapinoe the most unlikable American Athlete of all time?”

“Megan Rapinoe laughing and smiling after she missed that PK is not a good look. She’s a clown, glad she’s going home. Feel bad for the others though. #USW”

“Something just doesn’t sit right with me seeing Megan Rapinoe laughing and smiling minutes after getting knocked out of the World Cup. I’d expect a more somber demeanor like everyone else #USWNT”

“I root for America every single time they compete in sports, except for women’s soccer. The US Women’s soccer team got absolutely curb stomped by Sweden. The game was lost because Megan Rapinoe, the woke piece of trash, missed a penalty kick. So Megan now bears the responsibility for why the US lost. I am so glad to see it. Go woke, go broke! Megan Rapinoe will now enter retirement with her head hung in shame.”

This was Rapinoe’s last World Cup, as she announced her retirement in early June, saying, “It is with a deep sense of peace & gratitude that I have decided this will be my final season playing this beautiful game. I never could have imagined the ways in which soccer would shape & change my life forever, but by the look on this little girl’s face, she knew all along.“

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