When Mom Saw A Peeping Tom Outside Her Teen’s Bedroom Window, She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

A Texas mom proved that she was better than expected when she stopped a man who was peeping in her fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom while the girl got changed in and out of her outfit.

The mom, Phyllis Pena, who lives in Lake Jackson, Texas, saw the suspicious man peeping into her daughter’s room.

She had just returned home after running some errands for the household when she came upon the stranger who had his face up to the glass of her daughter’s bedroom window while he was trying to get as good a look at the underage girl as possible.

Phyllis caught the peeping tom looking into her fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom while she was getting ready for the day. It was 7 am, and the man knew exactly what he was looking for – a young girl getting changed into her clothes for a day at school.

Thankfully, Phyllis jumped into protective mother mode. She called 911 and then set out to stop the man from checking out her underage daughter. As soon as she called the cops, the suspect, 19, ran away from the teenage girl’s window. However, fate would have it that he would be caught – not by the police initially but by the girl’s mother herself.

Mom was eager to protect her children from the predatory man. She stood on the sidewalk as the man tried to flee the property. However, mom puts her football moves to good use with a stutter step before tackling the man down to the ground like he was carrying the football for a touchdown.

Phyllis made national news on CBS Mornings because of her tackling job. And she did a wonderful job protecting her children, including her fifteen-year-old daughter, who the man was trying to see unclothed.

The mother’s actions were caught on the family’s home security footage. The man was seen running away after he was tackled by Phyllis. He was later apprehended by police and has been charged with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit other crimes.

While this man will now have a criminal record, it is truly amazing what mothers will do to protect their children. This mom went above and beyond to make sure her daughter was safe from harm. And she did it all without hesitation. That is the mark of a great mother.

Mama bear did what she had to do in order to protect her cubs from a creepy peeping tom. And she did it in style. Way to go, mom!

Her tackle was so professional she attracted the notice of a football recruiter and coach.

“Okay, I’m a football recruiter and technique coach, and I’m definitely recruiting her to teach my recruits how to properly “Two Step” tackle. She wrapped up her opponent and used her body to take him down. And she used her “Hammer Arm” to stop her opponent/pervert, so he wasn’t even a threat to him. Good job, mom. I’m glad everything is going well, and as a father of a teenage girl, I will bow to you.”

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