Woman cancels date after man refuses to wear pink to see the Barbie movie

A woman has cancelled her date after he refused to wear pink to the Barbie movie.

She took to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum to say how excited she was about seeing Greta Gerwig’s film that has taken the world by storm.

“The Barbie movie means a lot to me, I’ve been looking forward to this movie for so long,” she wrote on social media.

“I’ve asked my boyfriend to go to the cinema with me, both dressed in pink. It would show that he supports me, and it’d just be fun.”

She continued: “I told him wearing pink is minimum effort, he says minimum effort is him coming along to the movie. AITA for finding this unreasonable?”

The woman added that she wanted to make a whole event out of it, such as taking pictures at the booth in their matching outfits.

“The pics would be for our eyes only, not social media,” she continued.

“We’ve decided to cancel the date since the mood is already ruined. Despite what the title says, we’ve made this decision together.”

She added that she wasn’t ‘asking for a lot’ and merely wanted him to unleash his inner Regina George to wear a pink shirt.

The anonymous woman said if the roles were reversed and he asked her to wear one of those Oppenheimer hats to the cinemas, she would do it in a ‘heartbeat’.

However, many on social media sounded off in the comments, siding with her date.

According to many, he was ‘Kenough’ pink or not.

One person said: “Don’t pressure your partner into something you know is not comfortable for them. If they say no, respect and move on.”

Another commented: “Isn’t it enough that he agreed to watch the movie?”

A third said: “Why is he forced to wear something he doesn’t want to? Wouldn’t someone be upset that a partner is forcing them to wear something they don’t want to?”

But some claimed that man should’ve just complied.

One person said: “Bro just wear pink. It’s Barbie.”

While another chimed in: “Him not doing it shows how fragile his masculinity really is. Imagine letting a colour make you feel un masculine LMAOOO.”

Barbie is turning into a very interesting way to work out whether people are compatible with one another.

The movie has sparked a lot of outrage amongst some people for being ‘anti-male’, even though the director says this isn’t the message.

This reaction and Barbie’s positive feminist messaging in the movie has led some people to use it as a way to gauge their relationship.

Essentially, ask your boyfriend or the man you’re dating if he wants to see Barbie, and then note his reaction.

It asks: “How does he react when you tell him you want to go with him? What are his thoughts on why certain things are happening in the movie?” Among the questions was also: “What are his thoughts on how Ken was portrayed?”

People are then told to see what the reaction is and go with your heart.

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